UBOX - Good for Taiwanese live channels?

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Hi - I have an old WELTV but the Taiwanese Channels are not working properly (they even took away an app called TaiwanLive).
Looking at the channels listing for Ubox, it seems this box has a huge amount of Taiwanese channels. Where I will be able to purchase this box? Are there any other alternatives for Taiwanese Live Channels? Thanks.
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  • Get a HTV or BlueTV

    Forget Ubox, it is as horrible as it can get.
  • Thanks padman. Do you have the channel listings for HTV and BlueTV especially for Taiwanese channels? Couldn't find them on this board. Thanks.
  • Thanks again padman! really appreciate it. So the first was HTV and the second was BlueTV? It seems HTV has more channels (39 vs 27)?
  • Yes, first is htv
  • It seems UBox has more TW channels than HTV. What are the problems with UBox? I've read some of the postings here and am not sure if the problems with UBox affect the live TW channels? Do you think the company is working on solving these issues?

    Also, if someone on this board who has UBox and can chime in regards to the TW channels that would be great. Thanks.
  • More doesn't mean it's better.

    Ubox is unreliable. End of story.

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