Ubox 3 - s900.pro

not sure if any1 can help me get this file ( S900pro_gms_20160810_output.img )

from this page http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gf186YZ its all in chinese ...i couldn't understand it.


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    You need to registered or create an baidu account to download.
  • iceice
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    how do you use it ON A U BOX GEN 3 S900 PRO?
    because local upgrade by sdcard won't recognise
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  • Guys, if you have s800 box, do not try to upgraded because it's not going to work.

    killer23d said:

    I've done a little investigation of the S900 Pro and S800, the biggest differences are the S900 Pro has 2X of almost everything including a new 64bit CPU and Mali GPU. It should benefit those who want to use the box for heavy duty tasks like gaming or Kodi. S900 Pro runs on Android 5.1 and S800 is still Android 4.4.

    This also means we cannot boot S900 Pro OS on S800 because the S800 only supports 32-bit. I didn't even bother to try. S900 Pro is code named RABBIT and S800 is DOLPHIN. They are very different in the way the OS is constructed.
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    how do you use it ON A U BOX GEN 3 S900 PRO?
    because local upgrade by sdcard won't recognise
    you can try this http://tvpadtalk.ca/discussion/876/factory-restore-image-upgrade-s800-gen-2-to-s900-gen-2-5-not-s900-pro/p1 methol
  • Did you succesfully upgraded yet ?
  • OP didn't say which model he has, assuming he knows what he is looking for and the title says S900.. he has a gen 3.

    However, I do not know what is the CPU on the S900 so I cannot tell you how to burn the IMG to SD Card. He can try burning the IMG file onto the SD card with Phoenix and report back if it works or not.

    Gen 1 and Gen 2 are hugely different, I am not sure about Gen 3.
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