TVPAD ... Licence or not licence

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Hello everybody,
Need to clarify one situation.
I read on TVB Usa facebook that set top boxes seach UB Box, moonbox and others havent any licence to use live tv streaming for their programs and threaten to sue. Note TVPad (TVPad4) is not in this list despite of the fact their conflict with TVB+CCTV.
I submit this fact directly with TVPAD Company, their answer : Now not problem with it, TVPAD products arent concerned anymore by it. Henceforth, services are stable because of respect and agreement with tv channels. TVPad Australia annouces one agreement between TVB and TVPAD to use licenced streaming (explaining higher price). Internet Sites told before about one agreement between the 2 cxompanies.
So, TVPAD liar or not, licences or not...
Whats your views
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  • guess won't know for sure it's licensed or not, but it will definately be not an issue with TVPAD as there already were lawsuite and TVPAD pulled it's market from USA, and lawsuit by TVPAD USA will not effect them at all. it's funny to see that moonbox website is showing TVB USA to seize the message or they'll sue type message. lol
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