Why paid DND and why not free DNS in Canada for Tvpad4?

hi all,

Im not sure this has been asked before? My T4 is running fine on most apps with free DNS(auto or manual), except with any Taiwanese and 美劇 VOD only, it will not play but load icon and listing ok, live which rarely has any problem.

My question is
a)Does paid DNS in Canada make any different on any of these above VOD apps only. It seems only the VOD within the app has problem?

If anyone has similar issue within Canada, please share your experience? thanks


  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    why don't you try paid dns by yourself? I think you can try it and get refund if it doesn't work for you.
  • SomebodySomebody Junior Member
    I think those apps need updating. Go to the store to see if there are available updates.
  • pappypappy Member
    edited December 2015
    As Tomato said these apps are in BeTV plus
  • Thanks for the updates, I did updates all the current apps and I do not have any problem with tvpad store. The problem happen after the updates which I would like to know Canadian users opinion if they have similar issue with non-paid DNS/ the dns that we already know.

    I understand I could buy paid DNS and thank you for point out the refund policy which I will look into it and in the mean time if any current Canada users have tried paid DNS and make different on the above apps, please drop me a line.

    Thanks again for sharing the experience.
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