kodi/xbmc question on TVPad4

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Question to the forum:

I am seeking advice on kodi/xbmc for the following:
1) which build is best suited for TVPad4
2) which repro is best for HK / Chinese / Korean / Japanese movies? Is there a single repro for this purpose? or I need separate repro for each feed?

I started looking into kodi, and tried the superpro build : https://superrepo.org/kodi/ but found the Chinese / Japanese / Korean content way inadequate.

Also, I found that Kodi caches a lot, and use up the disk space on TVPad4 way too fast.

Reason for this is that if TVPad management starts to limit or remove content servers in the future, at least I can find a viable solution.

I use TVPad4 mostly for watching TV shows and movies, not so much on HK/Chinese dramas.

Thanks for help in advance.
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