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I have been using unlimitedvpn for 2 weeks and it works perfectly with my tvpad4. Two days ago, my tvpad froze, so I have to unplug it to reboot it. After I put it back on, the vpn is not connected with the error message "vpn service was not started due to internal exception" . Then after reading some recommendations from other topics, we reset the tvpad and reinstalled all the apps. After installation , tvpad is connected, but after we login to vpn, the tvpad will be disconnected, showing "no network connection " on the top of the screen, and the upper right corner computer icon will have a Red Cross. What did we do wrong in setup? Please help!
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    It is best to use 2 routers method to connect to VPN. Since TVPad has the Google Play service disabled, the Android app used to connect to the VPN does not work properly.
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    Ok, here is what I find out after a hard boot on TVPad4

    1) check network setting to see if that is correct, and check if the time is correct
    2) attach a USB mouse to TVPad
    3) drag down from upper right corner of the desktop (above the device's time), you will see a tiny white strip
    4) continue to drag down until you see a menu that show setting
    Note: you may need to practice this step quite a few times to get it right
    5) click <settings> on that menu
    6) scroll down on the settings option when shown until you see the <date & time> option, click on it
    7) if date and time shown is not correct, click on <Set date> or <Set time> items to correct it
    8) exit after change

    then you need to go back out to desktop, and
    9) click on upper left corner (again on the white line and drag down)
    10) VPNUnlimited may be shown there, and it may be shown as disabled
    11) if disabled, click on it to enable it

    I installed the ShowBox app, and found that it is the easiest to perform the tasks noted above from this app (my experience only)

    After these steps, hopefully you can solve you network connection problem, and connection problem with VPNUnlimited as well
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    Thx~I will try that tomorrow
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