Is UBOX still working?

My old EVPAD is starting to act glitchy and I want to look for a new box. I watch both live programs and on-demand movies and tv series from Asia and US. Is the UBOX 10 still working after the crack down few months ago? I don't want to invest $200+ and find out it's not working anymore. If not, what alternative box is out there? Thanks in advance.


  • Yes it is. Keep in mind the crackdown resulted in charges only and the service is still running.

    EVPAD is overdue for a new box (upgrade). The latest is the 2021 version. UBOX 10 came out in early January 2023. It's still working with no issue with streaming. In fact, while both EVPAD and Napper were down for CNY, UBOX had no issues with IPTV.

    I'd hold off if I was you. Use IPTV from Reddit and invest in a VPN to download torrents.

    If you're really desperate, you can get the EVPAD 6P directly from Asia (AE, Shopee, or Temu).

  • Looks like IPTV services are all subscription base? Also, do those services have HK/Taiwan/China/Japan programs? That's the whole reason I want to buy a tv box.

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