tv cannot be download

I am using Evpad 3pro. Since 3 weeks ago I can't watch any live tv program but movies (vod) is fine . I can watch movies without any problem. Can anyone help me to get back live tv program ? also whenever I try to update system , I never succeed. Why ?


  • This is the info from another site;


    Hi, due to IDC being attacked by hackers, the server was damaged and maintenance and upgrades are required. Some channels can be viewed normally, All channels are currently still taking time to fully recover.


    目前仍需要時間才能全力恢復,大陆,台湾,香港,新马 部分频道可以正常观看。 

    All channels are currently still taking time to fully recover, and some channels in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia will be able to watch normally.



    5s: For this problem, try to open the DNS in these two addresses to see if it can be solved


    尊敬的用户,春节联欢晚会专题已经上架,欢迎广大用户进入观看,热门直播频道已经发布“-2”线路可以正常观看,感谢您的支持和理解! !

    Dear users, the topic of the Spring Festival Gala has been put on the shelves. Users are welcome to watch it. The popular live channel has released the "-2" line and can watch normally. Thank you for your support and understanding!

  • @alan Evpad 3pro was history, Live program was no longer available but you can use playback instead. I have a Evpad i7 tablet which was the same issue, I've chat with them about the issue, they says my device is too old needed to buy a new one :( the tablet is running Android 7 it's not too old I said then they hung up on me. xyz@*

  • DON"T BUY EVPAD unless you're happy for its short life.

  • Why CCTV4 channel does not have News any more?

  • Server problems

  • Now ALL live channels are GONE.....

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    Good news, evpad partially live channels were back but way to go for fully recover.

  • They reinstated most of the channels by the end of February and early March 2023. EVPAD has a new Android box called EVPAD 10. They jumped from 6 to 10.

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