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Let's face it, many of us who purchase these streaming devices are not users themselves. We buy them for our technology inclined parents. Many of us cannot read and/or write the mother tongue. It makes it ten times more difficult when making the decision on what device to buy, setting it up and troubleshoot.

My intention when setting up this forum is to bridge the gap between the English speaking users and the device or services that streams East Asian contents.

I have no intentions on selling or distributing these devices or services. I'm simply providing a platform for people to chime in on their experiences.

To the users: Enjoy the site and share your knowledge! As your parents probably told you, "knowledge is power". :)-D

To the vendors: Please do not spam/advertise on this forum without contacting us first (You can send a PM to me). If you are caught trying to sell your device/service without our knowledge, your company will be placed on a blacklist to avoid. It will not help your business. At the end of the day, bills need to be paid. Advertising & marketing doesn't come free. :)

Note: I will not take a free devices/payment to write a positive review for your company. However if you wish to send me a test device/service for me to review it. You are welcome to do so.

To the lawyers & copyrights holders: Everything on this forum is public knowledge, we don't store anything on this website that will/may infringe on your copyright.
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