I just bought a EVPAD 5P

After I enter the code 6868 and click the "one click install" the files reach 100% but never install the apk.

I tried factory reset and still wont install after reaching 100%

Can someone send me the apk, so I can install on a usb stick ?



  • FIVE354FIVE354 Junior Member

    I think you have to wait until the app's icon appeared to install then click on the app icon.

  • edited June 2021

    I did wait for 30 min, then retry 5-6 with factory reset

    I tried to click on icon after they reached 100% too, nothing ...

    It just wont install, clicking does nothing.

    It's like the files are corrupted.

  • cheuk5cheuk5 Senior Member

    Ok go here to download one apps in usb drive then do it side load then see what happy http://8989n.cc/

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