Any update on the service outage on Napper Asian?

It still shown "There is an outage on the Asia & Asia World service. It is being repaired. English service is not affected." message on their website without any indication of when will they have it done reparing.



  • I have asked through their support ticket system for an eta of the repairs being finished and they've said they are unable to provide it for me. The outage is like two weeks now?

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    Yes, The outage has been almost three weeks now. Hopefully not for long.

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  • Sounds like the system was fixed, but we cannot view it in U.S. Follows were the response from Napper:

    "Unfortunately, it seems like the new servers can't be viewed at your location."

    "Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure of they will be able to route to your country due to restrictions."

  • I got the same "Unfortunately, it seems like the new servers can't be viewed at your location." but was told to get Asia World instead. I got the apk onto BlueTV but the new Flyshark app doesn't work :( I contacted their customer service for support.

  • I got reply back from Napper. my Blue TV box may be too slow for Flyshark. Anyone else have Blue TV and has problems with Flyshark World Asia subscription?

  • I installed the Flyshark on several of my Z69-4K boxs (from GearBest). It works great. But have several channels cannot be loaded.

  • Mind if i ask, what is flying shark and how much does it cost.

  • Flyshark is another service from Napper. I.E. Napper Asia World + Adult hosting. That cost $60.00 a year.

  • how is flyshark working? a lot of channels still not working? How many cantonese channels are there?

  • I am in same boat. Does flying shark have those Chinese Cantonese channel? So right now napper doesn't work in usa and flying shark does? Does flying shark work for htv3?

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    Yes, it has canto channels.

    Ask them for a trial.

  • napper SDTV seems to have a outage too.. i paid for 1 year and only used 1 month so far >_>

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    Napper website down?

    nvm up again -_-

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