Napper no longer provide IPTV Chinese subscription

My subscription was expired yesterday, and I tried to renew it from Napper's official site. When I click on the purchase button for 1 year subscription, it returned with message of "We are currently out of stock on this item so orders for it have been suspended until more stock is available. For further information, please contact us. « Go back & try again".

I contacted Napper, and the Customer Care replied "We currently only have sdtv for sale."

Since I tried SDTV and the 5 days playback is stucked at 0kb, I asked if IPTV Chinese service will be return, or retired, Customer Care replied "The chinese service may not be returning. You can try installing the latest sdtv apk."



  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member

    Not sure if this is related but just read an article that the place that host the codes for adding accounts has been raided for iptv. If this is related, then you have to wait until they figure out how to backup and move the data. If not, then this would be the end.

  • They now have 3 days free trials with 360 SDTV. Yes, playback did not work at all. Drama buffering a lot with "Happy Express Delivery" around episodes 650. I did not test any other episodes.

  • Seems like they're still out of stock.... :(

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    @SamOntario @satoru

    They'll be selling a new service soon to replace chinese. Stay tuned.

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