Napper IPTV v13.x upgrade

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My nexbox A95x upgraded from IPTV v13.1 to v13.3 this morning. New version doesn't look or behave any different to previous versions at first glance.

I don't know if v13.3 would fix problems I reported on W95 s905w box. I doubt it.


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    Napper has acknowledged there is a timeout on certain channels. The app will quit and return to android launcher menu with no warning. I think it was introduced recently.

    For popular ch.2, the maximum continuous viewing time permitted appears to be 3 hours at the moment.

    To avoid being suddenly cut off while viewing a programme when 3 hour time limit is reached, you could hop to a different channel and back again before the time limit is reached, perhaps during a commercial break. This will reset the 3 hour count down timer. While viewing the current channel, selecting the same channel from menu or typing in channel number appears to reset the 3 hour timer too.

    Update (22 Nov 2018): The timeout still appears to exist on ch.2. On a different note, I have observed changing channels to be a lot more reliable in recent weeks. No longer do I have to repeatedly change channels or quit and restart the app to try and force a channel to stream.

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