HTV3 live chinese channels not working

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Hi - the live Chinese tv channels on my HTV3 start at 100's kb/s but then quickly degrades to 10's b/s, and the live channel never acquires. This started happening on 3/30. The VoD still works fine. I tried a factory reset and reinstalling the Chinese tv app, but it didn't help. Strangely, we have a 2nd HTV3 box on the same network, and everything (including live tv) works fine for that one. Both boxes are using the same firmware version and same version of the Chinese tv app. We are in New York and are not using any VPN. Any thoughts?
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  • exact same issue. I am in San Francisco htv3 ChineseTV 5.2.1 no live working. I get a EC-11 error. Can't even upgrade the box, i get a connect to server fail issue.
  • HTV3
    Chinese TV app, Yue Gang - LIVE apps

    HK Pearl and Viu TV channels not working since 10 May 2018 12pm HK Time
  • HTV3
    Chinese TV app, Yue Gang TV app, BinFen TV apps

    All channels in these apps are not working since 12 May 2018 10pm HK Time.

    This is the second time this is happening on 12 May.
  • HTV3
    Chinese TV app, Yue Gang TV app

    Viu TV channel is showing black screen

    HK Time 8pm 16 May 2018
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