PSA: BlueTV Australian Users - Court Filing

Just read about this recently for any Aussies out here, Basically...

- TVB has filed court action to try and block A1, BlueTV, EVPAD, FunTV, MoonBox, Unblock, and hTV5.
- Luckily this is probably done by url/domain blocking, like what they did for foxtel and other pay-to-view service

"TVB is seeking to have Telstra, Optus, Vocus and TPG, as well as the companies’ subsidiaries, block access to 21 individual URLs that it says are used by set-top boxes"

"TVB is seeking court orders modelled on those handed down in response to past site-blocking applications by Foxtel, Village Roadshow and music labels.

Based on previous cases, the ISPs are unlikely to oppose TVB’s application."

So I guess, when this does go through, you may need to change your DNS or something.


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