How to upgrade tvpad 4 from V5.046 to V.060

Current firmware V5.046, done network test and gives network error, server code 1, tried online and manual upgrade to V5.060 with no luck.
Read on the net V5.046 can't upgrade direct to V5.060 without V5.054, is it true? If it is, where can I download firmware V5.054?
Does anyone know how to bring my tvpad 4 with firmware V5.046 back to life?


  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    even upgrade to v5.054 /v5.060 /v5.066, you will still get server code 1 error.

    the problem is usa server get blocked.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    You should just be able to load your firmware to 5.054 using the method released yesterday

    No point of going to 5.06+
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